There ain’t no party like a Gilded Age party,​ ‘cuz a Gilded Age party has so, so, so many douchebags. 

That’s right, America’s worst turn-of-the-20th-century family, the Bellacourts, are back at it on Another Period.

Another Period imagines what a contemporary reality show might look like if it happened a century ago. It stars series creators Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome as sisters Lillian and Beatrice, who are completely preoccupied with what all ladies were worried about in the early 1900s.... No, not avoiding polio. Not earning the right to vote. With getting famous, b*tches! 

Highlights from the first season included an all-out brawl with Helen Keller and “miracle worker” Annie Sullivan, the ladies entering “masturbation therapy” with Sigmund Freud (Chris Parnell), a truly terrible beauty pageant hosted by an idiot Ringling Brother (Jack Black), Lillian getting heckled by Mark Twain at her husband’s funeral, Beatrice partaking in a rather unique experiment for Thomas Edison, way, way too much Cocaine Wine drinking, and even a little bald eagle hunting. It capped off with Hamish getting arrested for the murder of Scoops LaPue—even though Peepers (Michael Ian Black) was the true killer—housemaid Chair (Beth Dover) hurling Dodo (Christina Hendricks) down a flight of stairs, and Lillian and Beatrice finally getting the fame they so desperately crave—with the unfortunate nickname “The Pig Sisters.” Needless to say, season two promises to pack in, even more, utter ridiculousness that probably wouldn’t be appropriate for any period. 

You can check out the trailer for Another Period in the video above, and catch the season two premiere TONIGHT (Wednesdays) at 10/9 C only on Comedy Central—or watch it on the Comedy Central app. Be sure to tune in for some big laughs. Period.