A new Photoshop battle has been dropped on Reddit. Redditor Beerdancer posted the above photo of a baby with some sort of raft-like flotation device stuck on his head (and this baby is really, really not happy about it). The gauntlet was thrown down, and other Reddit users chimed in with some genius-level Photoshop entries for the battle. 

The original is funny in on its own, but here's what the rest of Reddit came up with:

For starters, there's some sort of baby raft dinosaur? Or maybe it's a blue llama. Either way, it's equal amounts hilarious and horrifying. 

Image via Reddit user Bewildurbeast

Here is this very enthusiastic raft baby knight.

Image via Reddier user errathingistaken

Inevitably, there were the many UFO pictures. Because even babies want to believe that there's something else out there.

Image via Reddit user Kinnahgen

Raft baby has a lot of anger toward this obvious space overlord. 

Image via Reddit user AlexandrBandit

Of course, the White House must be conquered Independence Day-style by raft baby. 

Image via Reddit user Gonzo_Rick

And of course the vintage UFO babies surfaced. Classic.

Image via Reddit user Elelegante101

The E.T. resemblance is definitely there...

Image via Reddit user Harry_Offroad

And maybe her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth fancies a special new hat for her next function. Maybe one with a baby stuck in a raft on it? Done.

Image via Reddit user _korbendallas_

Do you like turtles? I think raft baby does.

Image via Reddit user Straafe

What's happening here? Does it matter? Probably not. Just revel in the glory. 

Image via Reddit user Baconom

And then there's the SpongeBob placement, which probably makes the most sense out of all of them, tbh.

Image via Reddit user DaBest13

So which image wins the battle? I think that with raft baby, it's fair to say we're all winners here.