All is well in the world when space dad Neil deGrasse Tyson and TV dad Stephen Colbert are waxing poetic about the moon on CBS, noted suppliers of fascinating planetary chats. Tyson stopped by Colbert's Late Show on Wednesday to reveal a few previously undiscussed observations about everyone's favorite permanent natural satellite, and it'll make you see the moon in a whole new light.

"Did I tell you about the face in the moon? Can I quickly tell you about that?" Tyson asked Colbert. "So when I was a kid, this is how the moon would be seen from the Northern Hemisphere, and when I was a kid there was the woman in the moon." Tyson then generously broke down how one can indeed see this "woman in the moon," who apparently bears a strong resemblance to Wilma Flintstone:


Never one to let a good moon chat go by without really packing in the knowledge, Tyson also discussed the so-called Strawberry Moon. "Every moon of the year has a name in practically every culture," Tyson said. "There's a Harvest Moon. There's a Blue Moon. There's a Hunter's Moon. There's a Snow Moon." According to Tyson, this week's trendy moon—the Strawberry Moon, which has captured the attention of many people this month—is just another charming folk label:

"Most people want something in the sky to be special and unique to their lifetime on Earth," Tyson explained. "This is evidence of a delusional state." Boom!

Representatives for the moon did not immediately respond to Complex's request for comment.