Kylie Jenner and Tyga are an inspiration. One minute their relationship is (probably) dead, forcing storied pop culture historians to dissect its every twist and turn. Then, perhaps just to screw with us, their seemingly deceased relationship rises from the dead like Mr. Christ to save us all from an otherwise mundane news cycle. Not convinced? Peep this:

Indeed. That's two people, King Kylie and Tyga to be specific, acting all couple-y while doing some casual Bentley shopping. According to TMZ, who hilariously cited their "Bentley spies," the two "couldn't keep their hands or lips off each other." Interesting. The would-be couple's car shopping excursion also made its way to Kylie's all-knowing Snapchat, which pretty much has to mean something:

There's also this little item, which E! News—the source of all our collective pain and joy—confirmed was snapped during Khloé Kardashian's birthday throwdown at Dave & Buster's:

That's a kiss fam. The cheek totally counts.


But nothing's truly real until you're busted copping a quick hand-holding session, something the two have also been known to do recently:

During simpler and less confusing times, i.e. when everyone thought these two were done for good, Tyga even admitted that he had a hookah-laced heart's worth of love left for Kylie. "Sometimes things don't work out," Tyga told TMZ in May. "But, you know, I love her."

Keep inspiring us all to search for love, Kylie and Tyga.