Killer Mike is already a Grammy-winning rapper, social activist, and aspiring political candidate. Earlier today, people thought maybe he was going to add television star to that list. Looks like it was too good to be true, though.

Tim Heideker and Eric Wareheim, the low-budget, weirdo-comedy duo better known as Tim & Eric, are not developing a new series starring the Run the Jewels emcee and hardcore Bernie Sanders campaigner, according to what Mike's representatives told Fader:

"A couple of months ago, Tim & Eric's production company Abso-lutely was hired to provide production services for a project that Mike was a part of, but at no point were we ever developing a project with Tim & Eric or Abso, nor do we have any plans to at this time."

News of the TV show came out in a long Bloomberg Businessweek profile of Tim and Eric and their company, Abso Lutely, which, among other things, makes the Adult Swim series Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule, and The Eric Andre Show. They also make Comedy Bang! Bang! for IFC and W/ Bob and David for Netflix.

Although the profile did not say which network the show was being produced for, other outlets began pointing at Adult Swim, because it would be a natural fit. Aside from the network being headquartered in Killer Mike's hometown of Atlanta, the late-night incarnation of the Cartoon Network has a long history of working with hip hop artists, both on shows like Loiter Squad and through releasing original music through its partnered record label, Williams Street Records, which put out Killer Mike's 2012 album R.A.P. Music.

People were pretty excited at the prospect of Killer Mike having his own Adult Swim show, though. Maybe they should think about actually making it happen?

Killer Mike already has Adult Swim experience, too, appearing on The Eric Andre Show as an opera singer's hype man and providing voices for the shows Frisky Dingo and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He also made a series of life advice videos for the network, such as this one where he advises learning karate, because "mugging is gonna make a real big comeback in the next few years."

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