Kevin Hart got quite an unpleasant surprise when he arrived home earlier this week after a trip to Miami.

Officer Mike Lopez of the LAPD told Complex what happened.

"We received a call of a burglary investigation at one o'clock yesterday, on the thirteenth," he said. "We responded to the 3800 block of Winford Avenue in Tarzana, California. A burglary investigation was conducted. About half a million dollars of Mr. Hart's belongings were taken during the burglary. The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating, and we will try and obtain any video footage if there's any available."

 Police suspect that the break in occurred the previous Friday evening, when no one was home. The thieves reportedly entered the home through the back door. Hart shares the house with his fiancée and his two children.

The robbery comes just a few days before the release of Hart's new movie Central Intelligence, which hits theaters on June 17. The film stars Hart and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as former high school classmates who meet at a reunion and subsequently team up for a spy mission. 

Hart was in Miami to hang out (and pump some iron) with Miami Dolphin Ndamukong Suh and famed personal trainer Ron Everline while promoting his new sneaker with Nike, the Free Train Instinct Hart. You can see video from the trip on Hart's Facebook page.

Hart's house was robbed only a few weeks after both Scott Disick and Kanye West suffered similar fates, leading some to speculate about the possible emergence of a new 'bling ring.'