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Kevin Hart stopped by the BBC Radio 1 Lounge on Friday while doing press for his upcoming film The Secret Life of Pets and ended up covering Desiigner's chart-topping single "Panda" at the radio host's request.

The actor immediately recognized the track off the first few lyrics because obviously everyone has heard "Panda" by now. However, Hart didn't just cover the song, but he covered the song in the voice of his animated character, Snowball, from the movie. If you've seen Snowball's solo trailer, you'll know the character is a cute but savage bunny who pretty much sets the entire movie's plot in motion when he frees animals from cages with his carrot key.

After testing the voice out with a few loud "Pandas," he launched into the song and is admittedly a little off-beat. Still, his usual enthusiasm is there as he spit the now infamous lyrics that compare a black X6 to a phantom and a white X6 to a panda.

It wasn't long before he said what all of us have thought at one point or another. "Is this really the lyrics to the song?" he asked. "Is this really what he says on the song?" We hear you. But still, it's clearly a hit song for a reason and we hope this version of Kevin Hart/Snowball covering "Panda" makes it onto some DVD extras down the line.

Watch the whole thing above and catch The Secret Life of Pets when it hits theaters July 8.