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Ok, let’s keep this as spoiler-free as possible. There was a scene in last week’s Game of Thrones where Jon Snow is on a horse, with sword. That’s not a spoiler, right? So anyway, eagle eyed fans noticed something a bit wrong about it. See Jon Snow’s sword? It shouldn’t wobble like that, should it?

Or it’s actually foreshadowing some massive reveal about Jon Snow, and we’re pretty certain we’ll see fan theories about it popping up on Reddit shortly. 

What’s clearly happened is that it’s a prop sword, made of plastic or cardboard or something instead of real metal, for them to fight with safely (or maybe so it’s light enough for Kit Harrington to pick up , because he’s actually tiny in real life). Obviously they were meant to swap it out for a more realistic one at some point, but this shot got through the edit somehow. 

There was also that time Littlefigure was wearing a wrist watch.