John Boyega will continue his quest to become the biggest star in the world as the lead in the on-again, off-again Pacific Rim sequel. The Star Wars: The Force Awakens star will portray the son of Idris Elba's character (Stacker Pentecost) from the 2013 original, Deadline reports. Steven S. DeKnight, most known for his work on Netflix's Daredevil, is set to direct.

"I am very proud and happy to welcome John into a fantastic sandbox," Guillermo del Toro, who directed the first film, said of Boyega. "The Pacific Rim universe will be reinforced with him as a leading man as it continues to be a multicultural, multi-layered world. 'The World saving the world' was our goal and I couldn't think of a better man for the job."

Pacific Rim, penned by Travis Beacham, was an international success at the box office. Against a budget of $190 million, Box Office Mojo reports the film ultimately landed $411 million worldwide. Despite that hefty global haul, the chatter surrounding a sequel has remained frustratingly uncertain thanks to the film's less-than-gargantuan domestic tally of just over $100 million.

Boyega hit the 'gram shortly after the news broke, adding that his own company, UpperRoom Productions, would be co-producing the sequel alongside Legendary Entertainment:

Though the Pacific Rim sequel isn't set to begin shooting until the fourth quarter of this year, Boyega's already facing a very stacked schedule. In addition to the forthcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII, Boyega will also be voicing a talking rabbit in Netflix's Watership Down adaptation and starring alongside Tom Hanks in The Circle, a thriller based on the novel of the same name by Dave Eggers.