Whenever I see @trillballins tweet something, I nod my head and say, "You've made a good meme." The person behind the account has been making a name for himself on Twitter by creating "brands" that parody everyone from The Mask (parody) to NFL reporters like Ian Rapoport to GOP talking heads, the latter of which has resulted in a follow from Bill Kristol of all people. He trolls all day every day by tweeting hot takes and  misinformation about sports news like big trades and saying, "folks, this is wild," and it's fascinating to watch.

After all, witnessing people getting trolled by fake information and exaggerated takes is one of the most enjoyable parts of the 'net.

For those of you making fun of Good Morning America's "controversial" tweet today, you should know that you've been trolled.

Like people really don't get it, even frequent Twitter users like DeRay and Desus:

Trill has been referring to the Kermit the Frog sipping tea as #tealizard and parodying the Mask movie while constantly tweeting #smockin for a while now, and his followers are trying to let people know.

But as we all know jokes outweigh facts when it comes to Twitter, and the #GMAMemes hashtag is new evidence of this. "Tea Lizard" is a thing. "Smockin" is a thing. GMA (and their social media editor Jeff Lowe) know what they're talking about. You're the ones not in on the joke.

We reached out to the person behind the @trillballins account and he had this to say:

"After a while, a meme can lose its original identity and become something more generic. Crying Jordan becomes the Crying Man. Dat Boi becomes the bike frog. Kermit sipping tea becomes the tea lizard. Why tea lizard? Well he's not actually a frog anyway. He's a puppet."

One of my favorite @trillballins moments was when he sent unsuspecting folks™ into a frenzy back in December by tweeting a meme where he switched LeBron James' and Michael Jordan's accolades:

This is meme inception. We have reached the pinnacle of meme culture. This whole situation is meta, much like this good meme produced by the Memefather himself:

We're used to mainstream accounts like Good Morning America getting stuff like this wrong. Instead, you've been trolled by a seemingly out of touch organization. The only way to fix your ignorance is to hop on the meme train with the rest of us.