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Is there anything our dear friend Crying Jordan can't do? We already know how good Crying Jordan is at (kinda) appearing on the front of ScHoolboy Q albums. The meme that can't quit is also very adept at capturing the raw emotional state of Nike in the wake of that new Yeezy deal, inadvertently pissing off Cavaliers fans, and generally personifying the sadness of an entire generation. Speaking of sadness, the consistently tearful Game of Thrones has finally been given the Crying Jordan treatment:

That's right. The folks over at Cycle have compiled a super sad montage of classic Game of Thrones deaths, ingeniously inserting the Crying Jordan seal of devastation into each and every mournful moment. To balance out the HBO-level violence, this Slate-spotted tribute to fallen Thrones characters is soundtracked by the official sadboy anthem: Sarah McLachlan's "Angel."

Exclusive photo of me right now:

As anyone even vaguely familiar with Game of Thrones would agree, this year has been a particularly draining marathon of emotional implosions. We won't spoil any of it here due to the possible presence of lames, but let's just say each moment of devastation this season will stay with us for a very, very long time.

But at least Michael Jordan is getting a mean check every time a Crying Jordan pops up to commemorate a televised death, right? Wrong. Very wrong. Despite previously presented theories suggesting that Jordan bagged a buck whenever someone used the meme, that's simply not how the internet works. Apologies to Ja Rule.