The original The Fast and The Furious came out fifteen years ago this week. The series has been around for half my life. I was 15 when the first one dropped, which is pretty much the perfect age for it. It had hot girls and car chases and I was still dumb enough to think a Ja Rule cameo and using the DMX remix of Limp Bizkit' "Rollin" was cool. I thought it was the greatest film of all time. If you told me that here in 2016, the series would currently be approaching part eight, with the likes of The Rock, Jason Statham, Kurt Russell and Ludacris amongst its alumni, it would have blown my mind. The Fast and The Furious was not a film that was supposed to be a franchise, or a 'cinematic universe’ or any of that. It was the dumb little action movie that could. And somehow, in a sea of comic book movies and nerd pandering, it has become the most progressive and important franchise in Hollywood today.