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With all the comedic flexing Drake did on Saturday Night Live last month as both host and musical guest, the fact that there's apparently a few unreleased gems tucked away is no shocker. Mashable got the scoop on a previously unseen sketch from Drake's SNL takeover that sees the chart-dominating 6ix god trying, and hilariously failing, to fit in with his new Kinko's work family as a haplessly uncool dude named Derek.

We've all been there. The first day at a new job, aside from inducing some serious social anxiety for anyone generally averse to human contact, is often filled with an endless barrage of indecipherable inside jokes and work-specific slang. Our guy Derek, despite his best efforts at emulating the Kinko's squad's semi-annoying catchphrases, simply endures one failed attempt at bro-ing after another. Poor guy.

Saturday Night Live is sadly very un-live for the time being, meaning we all have to wait until the fall for more topical riffs (and more Larry David?!?). But that doesn't mean we can't revisit some of Drake's finer SNL moments, such as his musically declared beef with the entire cast:

Or what about this hella underrated American Ninja Warrior sketch, which somehow includes everything from tornados to a very bald 6ix god?

Perhaps DMX can hop in on the next (and surely inevitable) Drake-assisted episode of Saturday Night Live, given that dude recently squashed any and all beef with Drake. "I did always say that he was a talented lyricist," DMX told the Breakfast Club team Tuesday.

Make that shit happen, Lorne Michaels. We're all counting on you.