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You might recognise Spanish street artist Pejac from his silhouette street pieces in Tokyo, for instance. He’s got an upcoming UK solo exhibition called The Weakest running July 22-31 at the Londonewcastle Project Space, and ahead of that he has installed these clever sculptures on East London streets. Instead of having discarded sneakers dangling from telephone wires and lamp posts, the shoes are floating up against gravity. The piece is appropriately titled ‘Downside Up’.

The installations are at Redchurch Street, Shacklewell Street and Granby Street in East London, if you want to check them out. 


Pejac described it in his artist statement:

You do not have to be an artist or a child to have a different view of reality. This work is for those who are looking to let their imagination drift away with gravity. Or possibly more for all those who have forgotten to do so.

[via Street Art News