Don Cheadle, a man accustomed to leading both superhero-packed blockbusters and critically revered works of art, has also been known to pop in for a quick celebrity-filled game of basketball from time to time. Though Cheadle once had the unique pleasure of joining Coolio on the court, his most bragworthy game is surely that one time he went face-to-face with the President of the United States.


The House of Lies star opened up about that experience on Jimmy Kimmel Live Sunday, revealing that playing against Barack Obama is indeed super hard, though not for the reasons you might think. "I wished I had been guarding him because the guy who was guarding him didn't want to play defense against the president," Cheadle said. "I was like 'You got to foul this dude! We're playing basketball!'"

"The Secret Service did get a little twitchy when they heard me yell that out loud," Cheadle admitted. Despite the actor's best efforts, Cheadle's team ultimately lost the game, thanks to Obama's apparently worthy assistance from some guy named George Clooney

The Showtime series House of Lies, which airs its finale June 12, recently made a nice slice of history after becoming the first scripted American show to film in Cuba in decades. "It went really fast but we had such a great time," Cheadle told Kimmel, adding that he had a hand in making the Cuban setting a reality. "Not to brag, but I called Valerie Jarrett, the president's No. 2, and literally we were in the writers' room and on the phone with the State Department and the White House."

Since Cheadle pretty much has Obama on the text, perhaps some sort of a rematch is in order?