Brendan Fraser, the actor known (and possibly loved?) for his roles in  The Mummy and Bedazzled is now set to star in an upcoming Bollywood film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fraser will play the villain in The Field, a thriller about the Indian mafia.

The Field was announced in 2014, when Ray Liotta, who has mafia film cred from his role in Goodfellas,​ was set to play Charlie "Charu" Jolpin, the villain character Fraser will now play, per The Hollywood Reporter

The film was written and is being directed by Rohit Karn Batra, who told The Hollywood Reporter that changes to the script were the reasoning behind the casting change from Liotta to Fraser:

The more the script evolved, the more obvious it became Brendan was the best choice for the idiosyncratic role of Charu. For a director to explore this journey with him in a place like India is nothing less than a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Fraser is already on set for filming in India, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Brendan Fraser's publicist did not immediately reply to Complex's request for comment.