Bonding with the fam is important. For Amber Rose, who is set to launch her new Dr. Phil-produced VH1 show, family bonding can often start with a simple twerk. Rose stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers on Thursday to chat all things MuvaMoji, The Amber Rose Show, and—yes—family twerking, and she revealed that her mom and son both love when she twerks.


"So my mom actually loves when I twerk," Rose told Meyers. "So one day my mom's like, 'Hey Am, do your little booty-shaking thing,' like, she doesn't say twerk. She's old school. So I did it one day and my son was right there and he fell on the floor, like, cracked up laughing, just crying laughing."

After seeing her son Sebastian's reaction, Rose decided to keep employing the power of the twerk. "Now I twerk for him all the time," Rose said. "He loves it. That's like our bonding moment.​"

Meyers, sensing the power of this twerk, then asked if Rose ever employed this on a plane when her 3-year-old son started crying. "I just bend over and shake my ass and then that's it," Rose said, laughing. "He's happy again!" Rose first mentioned the power of the twerk to Complex last year, surrounding the launch of her SlutWalk event in Los Angeles.

Rose also talked about her App Store-dominating emoji app, MuvaMoji, which offered a perfect opportunity for Rose to clarify the pronunciation of the word "Muva," which Meyers initially botched in front of a televised audience. Come on, Seth. Get it together.

The Amber Rose Show premieres Friday. Maybe Seth can stop by and correctly pronounce "Muva."