There has been something of a Kray Twins revival recently with the Tom Hardy-starring biopic Legend hitting cinemas last year and a number of other titles such as Rise of the Krays and The Fall of the Krays appearing in supermarket bargain bins everywhere. But nothing has matched the quiet bleakness of The Krays. Perfectly cast as twins Ronnie and Reggie are the Kemp brothers, fresh out of Spandau Ballet and looking to establish acting careers. Neither became acting stars (though Martin was in Eastenders for years) but this was a film they were born for.

Not much interested in the so-called glamour of crime and romanticising the terrible twins, The Krays focuses on their relationship with their beloved mother who doted all over them and was seemingly oblivious to the many horrible crimes they committed. The twins still cast a shadow over London as near myth-like figures, as proved by the large amount of interest still vested in them half a century later, but The Krays plays as a domestic drama, trying to get under the skin of the twin killers.

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