Guy Ritchie’s return to the British gangster film after two flops was much welcomed. Whilst maintaining the same ingredients that made his early films a favourite with the British public, over his decade as a filmmaker Ritchie had matured his style and searched for substance under all the style. What he comes up with is a comedy thriller involving dodgy accounts, even dodgier Russian gangsters and the most inept motley crew of small-time crooks you’re ever likely to stumble across.

Much of the film deals with the ever-changing landscape of London and how globalisation and globalised crime has affected the capital for better and worse. The old-school thugs (played here by Tom Wilkinson) are losing their grip on power as a more refined class of criminal starts to take over and push the old guard in the direction of the graveyard. Like all of Ritchie’s gangster films, RocknRolla also boasts a rocking soundtrack and makes stars out of its supporting cast.