Snatch may be the more complete film but Lock Stock... exploded Guy Ritchie onto the scene and birthed a new era of British gangster films. With a convoluted plot that involves a rigged card game, some stolen antique guns and the least streetwise marijuana dealers you've ever seen, Lock Stock is a ride that has had a hundred imitators that have never come close to matching the wit and enjoyment of Ritchie's debut.

Introducing the cinema world to The Stath, Vinnie Jones and bare-knuckle boxing legend Lenny McClean, Lock Stock is London's wink to Pulp Fiction and gives us a tour of the shadier of the capital's streets. The film also has a great sense of comedy, from ironic subtitles to the slapstick sight of a man running out of a pub on fire in front of our protagonists who shrug and enter the pub anyway. Most crime films set in London over the last fifteen years owe some kind of debt to Ritchie and his first film.

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