X-Men: Apocalypse led the box office on Friday, raking in $26.4 million for its U.S. debut. The first movie to sell tickets on Snapchat outpaced the last X-Men movie Days of Future Past in its international opening, but its domestic debut grossed less than its 2014 predecessor. 

X-Men: Apocalypse brought in $103.3 million for its international debut, beating out the $100 million international debut of the 2014 installment of the franchiseThe domestic debut for Apocalypse is a different story, however.

The $26.4 million that X-Men: Apocalypse brought in is a pretty notable difference from the $35.5 million grossed by X-Men: Days of Future Pastwhich went on to make $110.6 million during Memorial Day Weekend in 2014. Apocalypse is now expected to earn around $100 million for its Memorial Day Weekend debut, with studio estimates a bit lower at $80 million, The Wrap reports. Apocalypse also made less money than the Angry Birds adaptation, which brought in $39 million for its debut. 

While Apocalypse was expected to outpace Days of Future Past, the new Fox film was made on a $178 million budget, which is about $12 million less than the 2014 installment. CinemaScore gave Apocalypse an A- rating, although the movie's Rotten Tomatoes 52 percent rating is considerably low, especially compared to Days of Future Past's 91 percent. Despite performing less successfully than Days of Future, Apocalypse is still expected to dominate the box office this holiday weekend. 

Disney's Alice Through The Looking Glass came in second place at the box office Friday, bringing in only $9.8 million. Following its poor performance, Disney has brought the projected $70 million down to $40 million for the holiday weekend. The film stars Johnny Depp, whose estranged wife Amber Heard recently came forward with domestic abuse allegations. It's not yet clear if the controversy will affect ticket sales.