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If enthusiasm alone was a deciding factor, then Woody Harrelson would be running marijuana dispensaries throughout the United States. However, frequent usage and acute passion for a product does not warrant a license, which might explain why the Hunger Games actor’s application to open up a dispensary in Hawaii was rejected.

Officially known as an actor (Cheers, White Men Can’t Jump, Zombieland), most people will probably recognize Harrelson as a frequent user and outspoken marijuana supporter. None of that mattered to the Hawaii Department of Health which, according to Reuters, did not list the 54-year-old’s business among the list of the approved. After releasing the names of the approved on Friday, the department did not specify why exactly his application was rejected.

Harrelson has spent more than a decade spreading the good word about weed and actually sits on the advisory board of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. While this might be a huge setback, he can try his luck elsewhere. Pennsylvania recently legalized medical marijuana while Canada just gave the go-head for recreational use, and Mexico is well on its way to following suit. Or, if he’s looking to drop the acting thing altogether, Denver is looking for a weed reporter