I don't if you've noticed, but the promo for The Nice Guys has been top notch. There's that joyful '70s throwback trailer, the fake TV ad, the billboards screaming "CALL NOW 1-844-4-NICE-GUYS," and now this, a very beautiful, very retro poster from the talented folks at Mondo and artist Matthew Woodson. I mean look at it—it's so beautiful. And it really captures the '70s vibe—those cars, whatever that jacket is on Russell Crowe—that The Nice Guys seems to be going for. Now, thanks to this, teenage girls won't be the only people hanging a Ryan Gosling poster on their walls.

One reason The Nice Guys may be so out here, confidently brimming ahead of its May 20 release date, is that word is it's one of the best movies of 2016. Starring Gosling and Crowe as a couple PIs who fall face-first into a twisting plot involving a disappeared daughter, The Nice Guys has been called "wickedly clever" and a "perfect, incredibly crafted yet laid-back procedural." The movie promises to be a real coming out party for Shane Black, who's had minor success as a writer/director before with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man 3

What I'm trying to say is, The Nice Guys and this beautiful poster deserve each other. You can buy it for yourself right here starting on May 19.