We finally know who the terrorist is. Quantico's debut season officially wrapped tonight, and with it, the season-long hunt for the mole in protagonist Alex Parrish's academy class has been uncovered and thwarted. But even though the season didn't end on a cliffhanger, it still raises more questions. Specifically, where does the show go from here? Season two has already been greenlit, but who will return? Will it maintain the same present-day to flashforward structure? During a phone call with Quantico creator Joshua Safran for Priyanka Chopra's Complex's June/July cover story, we asked him about where he plans to take his leading lady in the next chapter of her story.

At the time he had only just wrapped the finale script, but naturally, he was already circling some loose ideas for the story beyond. "The goal of season two is that we really have loved the chemistry between Priyanka and Jake [McLaughlin's Ryan Booth]. I think we will be keying even more into their chemistry and sort of taking on a little bit more of a Mr. and Mrs. Smith vibe for season two. Season two is not grad school. You are in the real world.

It sounds like the show will make some necessary changes while retaining the essence of what made it a hit in the first place. Here's what else Safran was able to tease:

Are you still thinking of maintaining a flashforward, present day kind of structure?
Yes, but at least for right now, less will be spent on the flashforward and more on the present. Especially because at the end of season one we’ve caught up to the flash forward. Even though we might, in season two, have a structure that is bookended by a flash forward it won’t be 40% and 60% the past. It will be a little bit of flash forward, but the majority will be, what I like to call, the present.

Sounds good.
It will be fun. I think season two will be, even though there will be darkness, there will also, it will weirdly feel a little lighter. Lighter is the wrong word, but we want to spend time with these people as adults in the real world as the most ridiculously hot adults you’ve ever seen in the real world. They are not on a college campus anymore sitting in classrooms. They are actually out doing their jobs and all that entails when you are an adult in the real world. Your real life and your work life. For these people, they can’t talk about their work lives in their real lives. It’s very much how do you reconcile the two halves of your world. I think that’s what Grey’s Anatomy did so well. They dealt with life and death situations and they were a little bit more immature when they blew off steam because they needed to. They needed to blow it off more because they were in life and death issues. That’s what it will be like for our characters as well.

Are you already counting down the days until season two? For now, get your Quantico fix by diving into our Priyanka Chopra cover story here. You can purchase the June/July issue here.