For most of us, dealing with renting a car is about as much fun as going to the DMV or paying our taxes. You stand in line forever before some grumpy representative sends you 18 stories underground to try and locate your rinky-dink ride—presuming the company hasn’t lost your reservation to begin with. It’s one of those things that really shouldn’t go so poorly, but for some reason always does.

Until now, that is.

Silvercar, North America’s leading car rental company, has devoted itself to changing the stereotypical perception of what renting a car is like. And because of the many ways in which they’re changing the game, they’re succeeding—handily.

Silvercar’s innovation starts with the very cars they rent. While most of us are used to getting into some dinged-up sedan or sputtering hatchback, every Silvercar is a fully loaded, silver Audi A4, stacked with GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, Sirius-XM, and so much more. Oh, and those disgruntled employees who condescend to you before sending you into the depths of hell? They’re a thing of the past too since Silvercar’s entire experience is delivered via easy-to-use mobile apps—available for iOS, Android, and at—along with a super friendly concierge service that’s on hand to help with any of your needs. No wonder Silvercar is continually earning the highest customer satisfaction and loyalty scores in the industry.

But don’t take our word for it. You can get $50 off your first Silvercar rental by using the special code COMPLEX when you reserve. So leave the hassle behind. Get yourself into a super-slick ride with Silvercar without any of the unwanted headaches. The open road awaits!