In the new film Captain America: Civil War, the members of the Avengers team find themselves facing some very unexpected foes: each other. In celebration of the epic experience, Marvel recently commissioned 10 of the country’s most prominent graffiti artists to “battle” each other as they create a new mural in Downtown L.A. 

And the work they turned out is pretty damn slick, as you can see in the video above. This isn’t everyday graffiti we’re talking about here. Over a three-day span, this crew of 10 transformed a blank wall into a beautifully crafted mural that captures all the key characters of Captain America: Civil War in breathtaking detail. Once you get a look, you’ll see that even Tony Stark couldn’t snark at this thing. 

Be sure to check out the result of the Graffiti Wars in the video above. And be sure to catch Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War when it hits theaters this Friday.