Maisie Williams decided to abandon the usual Game of Thrones tactics of avoiding spoilers by any means necessary during an interview Thursday, casually confirming the (SPOILER ALERT) return of the youngest Stark. Though HBO higher-ups may be gasping for air after Williams' revelation during a chat on BBC Radio 1 with host Nick Grimshaw, Thrones fans should be thrilled by the news following the death-defying events of last week's episode.

While fielding questions from fans via telephone, Williams was asked about the mysterious disappearance of Rickon Stark, last seen in Season 3. "Yes, maybe," Williams whispered when asked if he'll be popping in on the show soon. Williams then doubled down shortly after with what is essentially a direct confirmation of Rickon's return: "We will indeed. I'm literally going to get off the air and someone's going to email me!"


Rickon was last spotted with Shaggydog and Osha, with Bran ordering them to make their way to Last Hearth for protection. Three seasons later, the trio's whereabouts remain a mystery. For what it's worth, here's how Rickon (real name: Art Parkinson) is looking these days:

Judging from his recent tweets, Parkinson has definitely been keeping an eye on the Thrones world, apparently in anticipation of his own Jon Snow-sized reveal:

Is Williams strategically dropping this spoiler ahead of this week's episode to set up something even bigger? Find out Sunday. As always, we'll be live-blogging the episode right here.