Louis C.K. pulled together an amazing cast for his surprise-release series Horace and Pete, including everyone from Steve Buscemi to Jessica Lange. However, there was one notoriously elusive star the comedian couldn't quite convince to join him on his debt-inspiring adventure: the inimitable Joe Pesci.

Louis C.K. stopped by Conan Thursday to share the soon-to-be legendary story of how he tried to get Pesci to play Uncle Pete, a role that eventually went to Alan Alda. According to C.K., Pesci turned him down—and gave him some awful career advice in the process after taking a look at his past work.

"He said, 'The first thing I saw was some standup. I'll tell you right now, quit that because you're no good at it,'" C.K. recalled. Pesci kept it 100 during their entire conversation, even telling C.K. that comedy is "not for you."

Though all of that would certainly qualify as a pretty obvious rejection of C.K.'s invitation to join the series, Pesci kept going. After C.K. politely explained to the actor that he's actually been a comedian for three solid decades, Pesci offered up this gem: "You're not so much of a comedian as you think you are, pal." Damn, Pesci.

"He just thinks I suck," C.K. told Conan with a seemingly genuine sadness in his eyes. "That's his prerogative."

For those thinking Pesci would obviously be a better fit on C.K.'s FX series Louie, don't hold your breath. Perhaps taking inspiration from Larry David's still-in-progress Curb Your Enthusiasm hiatus, C.K. has stated repeatedly in interviews that the future of Louie remains very uncertain.