Larry David, who is currently busy ignoring our pitch for Curb Your Enthusiasm's ninth season, is a big fan of Hamilton. The musical, created by current Complex cover star Lin-Manuel Miranda, has united the nation behind the music-driven story of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. However, according to the god of Curb, some of the Broadway smash's success can be attributed to white people's unending desire to be "hip."

"Yeah, Hamilton—it was pretty amazing," the Seinfeld co-creator told New York Daily News columnist Mike Lupica during a podcast interview Tuesday. "But I have a feeling there are a lot of white people who are saying they are completely blown away even though they didn't really understand half of the things the people on stage were saying." Still a social assassin after all these years.

But David's theory doesn't stop there. "They just want to solidify their liberal bona fides and how cool they are: 'Yeah, I love Hamilton. Yeah, I get it, I'm hip,'" David joked.

The greatness of the show, however, is not up for debate. "The show is amazing," David said. "No doubt about it, it's an incredible show, but I do have this theory on a lot of the people that are seeing it."

Enthusiasm-curbing theories aside, Hamilton has proven to be a gigantic success. The show has already grossed more than $70 million at the box office, according to Broadway World. That success has helped the blockbuster musical earn a whopping 16 Tony nominations and even put Lin-Manuel Miranda on President Barack Obama's radar.