Kim Kardashian's (actual) job is to be trendy and current. The reality TV star recently won the Webby's first "Break the Internet" award for her unabashed nude selfies, as well as made Snapchat cool for toddlers. Kim's popularity comes with a deep understanding of current slang, which is apparently why she took to her app to post a quick guide on the proper definitions of certain words she frequently uses. 

The terms that Kardashian defines are by no means new, but maybe she's heard them mixed up a few times and wants to set the record straight once and for all. Just so we're all completely clear, this is how you use the following terms, as per a post on Elle:

Turbo Thot (terbo thawt): "Thot" is an acronym for "that ho over there." A "turbo thot" is an individual who is particularly fast, in the colloquial and sexual sense of the word.

In a Sentence: That girl is such a turbo thot; she's literally hooked up with every guy I know.

Turnt (ternt): Not to be confused with "lit," "turnt" is used to describe the atmosphere of a party, event or group of individuals. A party is turnt when the vibes are lifted and participants are all having an amazing time.

In a Sentence: Man, Khloé's birthday party was so turnt last night!

Lit (liht): The state of being so intoxicated, turned up or generally in an amazing mood; can be used to describe the state of mind of a person OR the state of a party or event.

In a Sentence: The club was lit last night!

Kim also goes through the meanings of several other words you've probably heard her say a bunch, such as "vibes," "sus," "snatched," "slore," and "bible"—the latter of which we've heard muttered by the Kardashian clan hundreds of times on their show.

Twitter, as usual, had plenty to say about Kim's assumed authority on the matter. One Twitter user called her out for trying to explain words that she has reappropriated from black culture. 

Why is Kim Kardashian taking it upon herself to define slang her family stole from Black Twitter?

— Steph Da 5'6 (@eleven8) May 27, 2016

Others were excited that Kim had introduced them to some new terms.

i'm so excited to start using "turbo thot" more often

— Alex Labrie (@alex_labrie) May 28, 2016

Next time you find yourself questioning your use of slang, you can always refer to this handy guide made by the woman who surely knows what it all means.