Jon Stewart's departure from the late night circuit meant viewers wouldn't get to see the former The Daily Show host satirize the 2016 presidential election. But as fate would have it, Stewart might make his return ahead of November's election, according to HBO CEO Richard Plepler. Stewart said last November he was "done" with the election, but who knows how he feels now that Donald Trump—the man whose orange glow he once imitated by getting Cheetos dust smeared on his face—is the presumed GOP presidential nominee.

Plepler talked about Stewart's potential return date in an interview with CNN's Brian Stelter for the Paley Media Center, According to Variety. When asked whether or not he thought Stewart would return in time for the November general election Plepler said, "Yeah, I'm hopeful."

Stewart struck a four-year deal with HBO shortly after signing off of The Daily Show to create short form topical video content for HBO Go and HBO. Variety reports the first project from that deal has been working with 3D graphics company OTOY for the previously mentioned short-form videos.

"It is a perfect example of bringing a remarkable original voice into the house, giving a new opportunity of expression to that original voice and saying, 'We now have the flexibility to let you paint however you want to,'" Plepler said. "My hunch is it will evolve over time. It will iterate over time." Plepler said Stewart has "free reign." 

What can audiences expect should Stewart in fact return right before the election? More eviscerating Trump, as he did after Trump announced he was running for president and called Mexicans rapists and criminals all within the same speech.