Full-time actor and part-time Marilyn Manson guitarist Johnny Depp has finally explained the inspiration behind one of his most critically acclaimed roles: halfhearted dog apologist. Depp hit Jimmy Kimmel's late-night chat-a-thon Monday to break down the iconic performance, a once-in-a-lifetime burst of creativity aided by an equally accomplished turn from partner Amber Heard, with some fascinating meditations on the craft.

"You know these are things you have to prepare a long time for to be able to tap into the emotion that you need," Depp told Kimmel of the grueling creative process required to land a believable performance. "I played that sort of anti-government." Adding that "a genius" was responsible for the short production's script, Depp made a point to compliment its esteemed director "the iPhone." Just for the sake of appreciating the finest of art, revisit the acclaimed dog apology video below:

As for Barnaby Joyce, the Australian politician responsible for the dog-related hoopla, Depp had nothing but effusive praise. "He looks somehow inbred with a tomato," Depp said. "It's not a criticism. I was a little worried that he might explode." Sounds, I don't know, kind of delicious?

Heard ultimately escaped the wrath of the Australian government with a one-month good behavior bond sentence, with the incident failing to secure the coveted "permanent record" status. Depp, despite his alleged participation in owning two adorable (but smuggled) Yorkshire terriers, was not charged.

Can we give this dude an Oscar already?