How have you observed the grime scene has changed over the last few years, with the success of Stormzy, Skepta etc, compared to the old days?
Massively. It’s become a musical genre, whereas before grime was something of a reflection of a way of life. It all seems more organised and less chaotic on the whole, even if individual lives often do retain that sense of chaos reflective, to a large extent, of their social situations.

Who apart from The Square are you excited by in grime right now?
I’m still waiting to be really excited by The Square!!! On the whole I’m hoping to hear more lyrical evolution in grime. The other day I was telling Blakie he should stop listening to grime for a bit and go more into his Jamaican heritage with Bob Marley - and even listen to the subtleties of Simon and Garfunkel for poetic inspiration. I know that Elf Kid has been getting into Lauryn Hill, which is great. When he was putting up the posters for 'Golden Boy' in a Caribbean restaurant on the day of its release, an African man and woman were very interested and said they’d check YouTube that night. I suggested that they also see beyond it, to follow a young man who is capable of so much more. I really believe he has the potential as a human being to be a significant cultural figure in this country.

What are you working on next?
Well, this documentary project is very time-consuming. My time in India in recent years has definitely made me more interested in the surreal than the real, and I would like to step up to writing my own stories and, then of course directing them. I’d like to create a really inspiring character who people could look up to as a hero. 

Golden Boys is showing at Screen on the Green on Friday May 13, book tickets here.