The newest episode of Game of Thrones leaked and—hold the phone—it's actually HBO's own fault. GoT has been plagued with piracy problems, keeping the title of most pirated TV show since 2012. At the end of its 2014 season GoT had reportedly racked up 48.369 million pirated downloads.

The worst of GoT's piracy problems came last year when almost half of season five leaked (four episodes to be exact) before the new season even premiered. HBO tried to crack down on leaks this year, and therein spoilers, by not sending out episodes to media ahead of the season, but episode five slipped through anyway.

Sunday's fifth episode of season six (Yes, it's already at the season's midway point) leaked a day before it aired, piracy news website Torrentfreak first reported. First the episode appeared online in low quality, according to Torrentfreak​, but a 1080p HD version quickly became available.

A HBO spokesperson confirmed the leak to Variety, saying, "This past Sunday's episode was made available early on the HBO Nordic platform temporarily due to a technical issue, at which time it seems to have been copied. Upon learning of the incident, we used the available means to limit further access to the episode."

Looks like GoT will only sit atop the piracy throne for two more years, when the show is expected to end. Until then we'll be tuned in to watch the women continue to save the day and inevitably George R.R. Martin kill all of our faves 

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