A fresh, ghost-stacked trailer for Paul Feig's quasi-reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise is here to slime the fans with more hype. "The word you're looking for is apocalypse," Kate McKinnon suggests in this latest look at the assumed blockbuster.

Apocalypse or not, McKinnon needn't worry about inevitable doom thanks to a top-shelf cast that also includes Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Chris Hemsworth.

The film will see a fittingly massive release this summer, including at IMAX 3D-capable theaters across the nation. "This Ghostbusters film is not only hilarious, it has the kind of action and spectacle that the IMAX format was made to showcase," Rory Bruer, President of Worldwide Distribution for Sony Pictures, said in a press release announcing the release. "We're thrilled that audiences will have the chance to experience this incredible movie in IMAX."

The film, which has received a continued onslaught of criticism based solely on the fact that the leading cast consists of hilarious women, also boasts cameos from some of the original busters of ghosts. Bill Murray, who became a household name with the help of the first two films in the '80s, finally confirmed his participation in Feig's production in August.

Ghostbusters should silence the haters once it finally hits theaters July 15.