This Tinder-dwelling firefighter has gone viral after making his profile pic a photo of himself at work. Yes, dude was in front of a live fire. According to Tinder, firefighters are the in top five most-swiped professions for men on Tinder. Tinder Do: Post a photo of yourself at your firefighter job. Tinder Don’t: Post a photo in front of a raging fire.

Too distracted by the fire in the background to even look at the firefighter flashing his pearly whites, Twitter user @HeyNikkkay posted a screenshot of the profile picture and asked the question on everyone's mind: "bruh u gonna put that fire out." The eye-catching photo, paired with @HeyNikkkay’s witty commentary, combined to make the photo go viral.

But before we go on, let's meet the man under fire: a 21-year-old named Jonathan who, according to his Tinder profile, works for the Fair Grove Fire Department. His Tinder profile says he's a fan of offshore fishing and firefighting. Well, at least people know he wasn't lying on his profile.

After posting the screenshot, someone responded with a screenshot from Jonathan's Instagram, where he posted the same photo from his Tinder profile explaining, "Just so everyone knows this was a training fire lol."

Since then, @HeyNikkkay’s publicly apologized to Jonathan. But it seems Jonathan was the one who got burned in the end. Per one of her tweets, it appears he lost his job.  

The two are on good terms though:

Jonathan has since changed his Instagram account. Probably too many people lining up for dates.