Take off your Canada Goose jacket, lose the hat, peel off those gloves and put them into the far back corner of your closet—summer is here. It’s time to hit the beach, go hiking, and just generally enjoy the great outdo—just kidding, it’s time to see some of the biggest movies of the year.

The lines cordoning off summer movie season have definitely been blurred recently—blockbuster-esque movies Deadpool and Batman v. Superman dropped in the first three months of the year—but the fact still remains that the months from May to early September are loaded with blockbusters. By our count, there are 19 films getting a wide release this summer.

We know, it’s a lot. But you don’t have to go to the movie theater unprepared, just you and that bag of candy you’re smuggling in. You’ve got us. We watched screeners, and pored over the trailers and plot summaries for you, so that you won’t end up seeing this summer’s version of Fantastic Four. From Captain America: Civil War to Suicide Squad, the good to the bad to the ugly—this is the only guide to summer blockbuster movies that you need.

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