When the zombie apocalypse finally goes down, the first order of business is to save all the fire dogs in all the fire places before proceeding to worry about protecting mankind from imminent doom. Agreed? Sadly, that sentiment isn't shared by the prankee at the center of the ruthless trickery below. Two brothers pranked their sister Millicent (awesome name) while she was hopped up on post-wisdom teeth surgery meds, effortlessly convincing her that a zombie apocalypse was indeed upon us all. Click through below for the hilarity:

After picking her up from the (presumably horrendous and possibly evil) dentist's office, these pranking bros played a fake news report on the car stereo that seemed to imply that people around the world had started feasting on each other. Millicent, of course, rightfully panics as the trio contacts their mother and debates whether to endure a trip to the terrifying (even in a non-zombie scenario) Costco.

All of this is pretty funny, if not entirely ruthless. However, when Millicent is asked to choose between saving the fam cat or the fam dog, something truly disturbing takes place:

Whoa. The cat? THE CAT? Let's really think this through, just in case prank fingers eventually turn to reality fingers and we're all forced to make snap decisions about the fate of dogs thanks to some hungry zombies. When the shit really goes down, dogs are clearly the leading choice to ensure the survival of all mankind. But don't take our word for it. Consult the evidence:

A dog on a skateboard? Maybe an army of dogs on skateboards? That seems pretty useful when it comes to going all Rick Grimes and making one's way through a post-apocalyptic wilderness. What would an army of cats bring to the zombie survival table? Mostly just stuff like this:

Great. That'll really help.