Year: 2002
How Much Money He's Making$20 million plus 10 percent gross
What Will's DoingCutting the period pic crap and giving the people what they want. Set five years after the first, J needs to unwipe K’s memory and convince him he’s a secret agent and not the boss of a Post Office that employs beat-boxing aliens. Smith whoops a two-headed Johnny Knoxville, roasts David Cross' dweebishness, and laser-blasts the regenerating noggin of Tony Shalhoub who plays an extraterrestrial pawn shop owner with a wonky eye and a stash of bulbous non-Earth guns. In this slightly repetitive plot, Smith’s delirious confidence again distracts and defeats the bad aliens to restore order to the universe. He saves the world for the third time and reestablishes himself as show business' summer-flick champ.