A lot happened in the Game of Thrones Season 6 premiere, some of it downright unexplainable. Being a dedicated Thrones fan, as even President Barack Obama can attest, can sometimes require an overwhelming amount of memorization skills. The Roots, proven masters of the musical recap, have once again decided to step in and help everyone out.

"I saw it, it was great," Tonight Show boss Jimmy Fallon said when reading a viewer's question about missing the Game of Thrones premiere. "But I don't think I could break it down in under a minute. Tariq?" Tariq, ever the generous supplier of quick Thrones recaps, quickly obliged. "It opens on Jon Snow who died at the end of Season 5," Tariq rapped before diving into some assumed spoilers.

In addition to more Snow-related mysteries, the Thrones return marked a crucial moment in the history of Melisandre (Carice van Houten). "We were limited by choosing to use a real person rather than a complete CG creation," Thrones director Jeremy Podeswa told Entertainment Weekly of Melisandre's big reveal. "Because what does a 400-year-old person look like? We don't know." To pull off the visual feat, Houten donned prosthetic makeup for the face and hair and an older body double provided the rest.

As for the future of Game of Thrones, we probably shouldn't take these Roots recaps for granted. The series, as reported by EW earlier this month, is currently pondering two more (shorter) seasons before saying goodbye forever. Savor these moments, Thrones heads. Time is indeed running out.