The usual trappings of Monday depression were greatly weakened this week, thanks in large part to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's wonderfully weird dog apology video. The video, directed at Australia and stemming from that time Heard casually smuggled their dogs into the country in an unintentional act of rebellion, was delightfully awkward in both its presentation and its vibe. Stephen Colbert, a fine catcher of vibes, thankfully felt compelled to offer his own take on the instaclassic Depp dog apology video on Monday's Late Show:


"That is absolutely a from the heart, totally convincing apology," Colbert said without a single ounce of facetiousness. "This video truly touched me and it made me realize that I too owe Australia a very big apology." By Colbert's admission, we—and, of course, the whole of Australia—can finally take solace in the fact that the following Colbert sins are now atoned for:

  • Failure to declare his colony of parakeets, known collectively as The Funky Bunch

  • Failure to declare his two 500-pound feral hogs, ironically named Niles and Frasier

  • Failure to declare one biting woman who is, in fact, not his wife

More instaclassic dog apology videos to come in 2016? One can only hope. Depp's original, however, isn't winning over too many new fans in Australia. "What I can say is although I don't think he'll get an Academy Award for his performance, he looked like he was auditioning for The Godfather," Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce said of the spectacle, according to TIME. I don't know. Kind of sounds like a half-compliment?