This is a presidential film like you've never seen before. Biopics like LincolnJFK, and Frost/Nixon have made political dramas out of real stories involving U.S. presidents, but Southside With You takes a unique rom-com route with the the current First Couple, the Obamas. Chronicling the course of one day in the summer of 1989, the movie shows Barack Obama, 20 years before taking office, asking Michelle Obama (née Robinson) out on a date. In the trailer above, we can see her coyly refusing, because as Barack's boss/adviser, it would be inappropriate. But of course the charming Barack ends up talking her into going out with him anyway, and what you'll see is writer/director Richard Tanne's fictionalized tale of their meet-cute in Chicago, which involves a trip to the Art Institute and a screening of Spike Lee's 1989 flick Do the Right Thing.

John Legend served as executive producer on the film. Parker Sawyers (Zero Dark Thirty) portrays young Barry—and does a pretty good Barack voice—and Tika Sumpter plays Michelle. Southside With You premiered at Sundance and hits theaters on Aug. 26.

P.S. Can't wait for all the cute photos of the iconic POTUS/FLOTUS couple watching this film on a movie date.