Cult British gangster movie Snatch is making a return to the screens. The film, which featured an all-star assortment of actors from Brad Pitt to Vinnie Jones, will arrive in the format of a 10-part series produced by Sony. However, British fans might feel slightly mugged off  aggrieved to find out it will only be available on Sony's streaming service Crackle, which is not available in the UK.

However, a spokesperson from Crackle elucidated that the show will "probably" be available in the UK at some stage. Excitingly, the series will try to emulate the critically acclaimed Fargo TV series that was based on the Coen Brother’s classic film (via The Independent).

Viewers can expect some high-octane shoot-outs, recklessness and debauchery by the truckload as well as some ironic plot twists if the series is anything like the original offering of kinetic criminal capers.

Watch this space guv'.