No summer is complete without SyFy's Sharknado. It's one of the few film franchises to remain consistent (by providing us an endless amount of ridiculous death-by-shark gifs) and the only one that can keep us grounded in this darkest of election times. With a fourth installment on the way, the Sharknado team has begun to roll out the big guns in preparation like announcing Gary Busey was joining the cast. Today Sharknado 4's premiere date was announced in addition to its Star Wars-inspired title.

Can I get a chainsaw whirr please? Sharknado 4 will be called none other than Sharknado 4:The Fourth Awakens (y'know, instead of The Force Awakens). At least it's better than the second's abysmal title. 

Variety reports the fourth Sharknado film won't pick up where Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! left off. In case you missed the third one it featured Frankie Muniz and it's when the East Coast was hit by sharknados. Instead The Fourth Awakens will take place five years after the events during which time our hero Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering) has been living happily ever after until he gets disrupted when sharknados reappear. 

Sharknado is all about the fans. They let audience tweets determine what the sequel should be called (Sharknado 2: The Second One) and now fans got to vote whether or not April Wexler (Tara Reid) will live or die to fight another shark in the fourth film. 

The previously mentioned Busey has been cast as Wilford Wexler April's mad scientist dad. A perfect fit! Other Sharknado dad David Hasselhoff will reprise his role as Fin's dad. 

The Fourth Awakens will probably not be the franchise's fin-ale. If you want to watch it anyway catch it July 31.

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