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There's a longstanding tradition on Saturday Night Live, if you do an impression of a celebrity for long enough, eventually that real life celebrity is going to show up in a sketch to confront you. It happened with Robert de Niro, it happened with Nicolas Cage, hell, just in this season it has happened with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Last night it was Kenan Thompson's turn to sit face-to-face with someone he's been impersonating for years: Rev. Al Sharpton.

In the sketch, the Thompson played Sharpton on an episode of his MSNBC series Politics Nation, and the real-life Sharpton played a guest,  statistical analyst Charles Richards, as the two went through a list of politicians to assess their black voter approval ratings, which range from Bill Clinton getting high rating, because if he walked into the BET Awards after party, sat at Rihanna's table, and ordered a bowl of macaroni and cheese,  it would "seem right," to Donald Trump, who earned a rating of -1,048, although it "could go down."

As for Thompson's actual similarity to Sharpton, the IRL Sharpton, who lost more than 170 pounds a few year back, said, "Please don't take this the wrong way, but I expected you to be a little skinnier. I know you worked really hard to lose all that weight, it's a shame to see that you seem to have gained it back."

"Frankly Charles, I like myself this way. People say I look younger," the 37-year-old Thompson told the 61-year-old Sharpton.