Gone are the days of trying to score weed from some shady dude on a street corner. Legal and medical marijuana are here to stay, and both are helping scores of people across the country. However, many people still don’t know where to find the legal and/or medical marijuana that suits them best (after all, not all buds are created equal).

Thankfully, Wikileaf has taken the mystery out of the process. Wikileaf is the first price comparison website for legal and medical marijuana where you can set your price and watch as dispensaries compete for your business! Now you can rest assured knowing that you’re always getting the best buds at the best price. 

So, this 4/20, be sure you’re getting top-notch deals on the best weed using Wikileaf.com. You can follow along with the company on Instagram and Twitter at @wiki_leaf as well as on Facebook. And watch out for the Wikileaf apps for android and iOS, coming soon!