Last season of House of Lies capped off with both an ending and a beginning, as Jeannie Van Der Hooven (Kristen Bell) decided to depart Marty Kaan’s (Golden Globe® Award winner Don Cheadle) revamped Kaan & Associates right around the time she and Marty welcomed a brand new baby girl into their lives.

As the new season kicks off this Sunday, the world is Marty’s oyster. He’s got everything he could ever want: A hot, naked blond (Nicky Whelan) in his bedroom, his very own consultant shop, and an adorable little baby whose diapers someone else changes. He’s got the whole world in his hands.

We’ll see how long it stays there.

The truth is, Marty and the rest of the Kaan crew have to deal with the fact that Jeannie now works for one of their biggest clients, big pharma conglomerate Davis/Dexter. And if they thought co-worker Jeannie was a ball buster, just wait until they meet client Jeannie—who not only has a cushy new gig but a new boyfriend as well (Ken Marino). Things get even more complicated when Skip Galweather shows back up and tells Marty he wants to buy K & A from him. Is this an offer Marty can’t refuse? Or is it time for him to go all in on his company and make a play for the deal of a lifetime?

Thankfully, amidst all of this change, some things will always stay the same, like Doug (Josh Lawson) and Clyde (Ben Schwartz) acting like overgrown man-boys as they fight over Jeannie’s old office, or Doug attempting to mentor young upstart JR, even though it’s pretty clear the student in this partnership is way wiser than the teacher.

This season of House of Lies features some incredibly funny guest stars, including Wanda Sykes, Donald Faison, Ed Weeks, and Keegan-Michael Key. You can catch the Season Premiere Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT only on Showtime—or watch it here NOW.