After a riotous debut season—packed with guest appearances by everyone from Redman to T-Pain, to Mac Miller, and much more—the most notorious radio personality on the planet returns to MTV2 on April 1. That’s right, Charlamagne is back for more on the uproarious second season of Uncommon Sense—and things are only getting better from here.

With his hilariously unfiltered approach to politics, pop culture, and social media scandals, Charlamagne is always straight up about how he feels—something that’s made him one of the most prominent and authentic voices in all of hip-hop culture. 

This season, he’s back—and bigger and better than ever—delivering the show to a live-studio audience alongside permanent panelists, Crissle and Andrew Shulz, as well as a rotating cast of special guests. Of course, Desus and Mero—a.k.a. the “Hood Siskel & Ebert”; a.k.a. the Bodega Boys—are back at it as well with their weekly segment “Classic or Trash” that breaks down which trends you need to care about and those you can totally ignore. Together, Charlamagne and his crew will be doing what they do best: Spreading the love, keeping the peace, and saying the s**t no one else will. 

Season 2 of Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne premieres Friday, April 1 at 11/10c, only on MTV2. If you like your news with a ratchet, righteous spin, then be sure you tune in.