After The Force Awakens became one of the biggest movies in box office history, Star Wars Episode: VIII looks to repeat that success when it’s released at the end of next year. Despite such a high profile film, however, we know very little about. We don’t even have a non-numeric title yet.

The juiciest piece of information on the film comes from J.J. Abrams who recently let it slip that Rey’s parents did not appear in The Force Awakens, ruling out the wide assumption that Luke is her dad, before quickly backtracking. We’re still not sure what happened there.

It’s this high level of secrecy that probably shields the cast and crew from the pressure of making what is sure to be a blockbuster hit. For Oscar Isaac, the much-anticipated movie doesn’t even feel like a big film. "In some ways it feels like we’re making an independent film," he said, according to the Los Angeles Times. "Certain things we get to play with–this kind of intimacy that we get to find–it's special. It’s been really fun."

The actor will soon be starring in another huge flick (X-Men: Apocalypse as the lead villain) but he’s no stranger to the indie circuit. He’s appeared in the critical darlings A Most Violent Year and Ex Machina. Still, it’s hard to imagine a major production like this having such an intimate feeling.