If you had the chance to give one message to the men of the future, what would it be? And if you could somehow communicate directly with the greatest male icons of art before you, what would you like to hear? 

Exploring those questions is The Advisor, a new digital gallery curated by pop artist and author Alex Kazemi, in which contemporary male artists share advice and private tales with the next generation. Kicking off the platform are adult photographers and filmmakers Bruce LaBruce and Richard Kern, the latter of which you might know from his work with Vice, and the underground 80's films he made with Sonic Youth and Henry Rollins.

Kern's handwritten letter is a tender, reflective note to his younger self ("Dear Richard, I know you won't listen to me because you think you know everything. There's no point trying to tell you to step away from the drugs and the easy money you're going to make tarnishing your name by shooting for porn mags") while Bruce LaBruce's "Advice to Mens" is a list of 23 bullet points covering everything you need to know ("Monogamy is monotony")and maybe some stuff you didn't ("the best things in life are free based").

And yes, that is a coke reference in a letter to young impressionable men. Oh Bruce.

To read the full letters, and to follow the site for future releases, visit The Advisor